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Winch Outs & Roll Back Service

This is a picture of a winch outs and roll back service.

To understand the full spectrum of what our towing company can offer you it is best to go over everything that we have. We have wrecker service, light to medium towing, heavy duty towing, rotator service, tow truck service, 24 hours recovery and emergency roadside assistance. We have gone over these things elsewhere in this website.

The other two very important services that we offer are our winch out service, and our roll back service.  If you have ever driven off the main paved road and get your car stuck in some sand mud snow or slush you probably have an understanding of what a winch out entails. Our Roll back service is another thing entirely.

What is a Winch Out?

As faithful as a companion as our car can be, sometimes we overestimate it’s ability to handle certain terrain.   Other times it is Mother Nature who just won’t allow the car to trespass any further.

A winch out is when you are driving most likely off the main road, on sand or mud or snow or slush, and the car becomes stuck.  It is those times when you press the gas and the tires just spin in the earth. That is when you need a Gastonia Towing Service winch out. Our drivers have the best in equipment to help pull your vehicle out.

When I call for a Winch Out what should I say?

In order for us to help you the best that we can, it is advised you give very detailed descriptions to your situation.  You need to include the exact location of the car, how far it is from the main paved road, what it is you are stuck in and how stuck you are.

Winch outs can be very easy to perform and therefore we can get your car back on the road in a matter of minutes. However there are times that are can be a bit complicated and it really is best to describe exactly everything mentioned above. This is so when we arrive we are prepared with what tools we need to get your car free from its unfortunate situation.

Roll Back Service

A traditional tow is used if the tires on the car are working properly. This becomes more difficult if there has been damage to steering or the wheels.  If a car has become immobile it is best to use our roll back service.

Our flatbed trucks are flat in the back to transport vehicles, which is handy for moving these things. It is nt handy for loading them though. However our roll back service trucks look very similar to flatbed trucks except they tilt and lift to allow an angle for the vehicles to be loaded and unloaded onto the truck. This is a type of towing that may be needed if the car cannot be traditionally towed.

When will I need a Roll Back Service?

A roll back service is needed when the vehicle cannot be towed using it’s own wheels. A roll back service is the car being completely immobile and loaded onto another truck. This happens when the car has been damaged and the wheels are not working properly.  Roll Back Service can also be used when a car is being delivered to our wrecker service.

Our wrecker service is when we dismantle a vehicle that is no longer fixable, in order to access it’s useable spare parts. If this vehicle is unable to function our Roll Back Service can help transport the vehicle to our location.

Gastonia, NC