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Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

It’s the usual morning rush. You are running a little behind, haven’t had your coffee yet and you start driving the kids to school and the car just stops.

Did you forget that the gas tank was on empty last night?  Or did you run in to your kids school to tell their teacher they wont be here for the Friday cause you are taking a family trip? Returning to the car to realize that you locked your keys in the car.  We’ve all experienced a number of these scenarios. Thankfully Gastonia Towing Service also offers roadside assistance just for these types of situations.

When should I call for roadside assistance?

You never have to worry whether you should or shouldn’t call us. If you and your car need any kind of assistance that means you qualify for Gastonia towing Service’s roadside assistance. Everyone has those days where they forget to fill the gas tank, or check the tires.

We’ve all locked our keys in the car at one time or another.  So if it is a flat, fetching your keys, or giving you a boost we have all the professional equipment to get those jobs done very quickly and help you on your way. If your roadside problems are a bit more complicated we have everything needed for that as well.

What does Emergency Roadside Assistance include?

Whenever something has happened that has made you and your vehicle immobile is considered roadside assistance. If you battery needs a boost, if your tire has gone flat, or if you hit some ice and are in the ditch any one of these scenarios include as coming our to help you while you wait by the roadside.

It is our intention to get your vehicle back on the road so you can safely continue your day. However if your car has been damaged beyond a flat tire, it is possible you will need a car mechanic. We can take you and your car to whichever car garage in the Gastonia are you prefer.

Emergency prepared

In the event that your need for emergency roadside assistance is more complicated or dire than a flat tire all of our drivers have been officially trained to handle all roadside emergencies. Experienced, and certified are drivers are also equipped with the best trucks in the business and the latest equipment to get you out of your situation.

Our training includes rehearsal of all the types of situations one can encounter roadside.  With that being said in emergencies time is of the essence. We also go over with our drivers the fastest and safest routes to get to all parts of the city.


Our reputation is built on our high standard and good standing with all the clients we have had in the Gastonia area. When it comes to an emergency you want the guys that everyone trusts. We have that behind us and we are thankful for the clients that have spread the word about us. However we also know that the way we run our tow truck company it wouldn’t be possible without our work ethic and policies.

We take pride in serving Gastonia and when it comes to anything unexpected happening to our family, friends, and neighbors we want to make sure that we are there for them in every way that we can be.

Gastonia, NC