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24 Hour Recovery Towing

This is a picture of a 24 hour recovery towing.

Car problems don’t follow your schedule waiting for a convenient time on a bright day on the weekend, do they?  Poor weather conditions, low visibilities don’t follow a schedule either. Then there is also the reality that there are those of us that have schedules very different from what is deemed the everyday norm.

Some people get up for work at four in the morning, others are just coming back from work at two in the morning.  To provide a proper towing service it is very essential that we be reachable twenty-four hours a day.

Recovery Towing

You just got off the late shift and are driving home and you have school in the morning. A couple lights flash on your dashboard that you haven’t seen before and the steering wheel gets stiff. You are able to pull over the car but you have no idea what is wrong with it and you are in a neighborhood nowhere near your house or a mechanic.

A recovery towing is something that you will need in this situation and our 24hour recovery towing means that no matter what time it is when you reach out to us we can help you. We will be there faster than you can say “Gastonia Towing Service 24 hour recovery!”

Rapid Service

Ending up in the ditch at one of those parts of the day when no one is around can be a very isolating experience.  No one wants to be waiting for a tow truck for any amount of time.  Our 24-hour recovery towing doesn’t only guarantee service any part of the day, but it also guarantees the same standard of service throughout the day.

We have pre-planned routes that get us quickly to any part of the city. This is so when you need us we are there and you are not waiting long. Once your vehicle is recovered we can tow it to a garage or tow it to somewhere where it can receive the mechanical treatment it needs.


Our professionals on the night shift are of no lesser professional standard then those on the day shift. We take pride in our team being the best tow truck drivers available.

Our drivers for our fleet of trucks are available twenty-four hours a day for you. That means when you call in he middle of the night it isn’t some half asleep lesser qualified driver arriving to recover your vehicle. Day or night our team is alert and ready waiting for your call. They will assist you at any time of they day acting in accordance to our high standard of professionalism.

Security Check

Our staff here at Gastonia Towing Service are the best you can get. Our former clients and current clients have always had high praises for our team and their personable approach to recovery towing.  We know that we hire the best but we also like to make it known that when we do our hiring, included in our training are thorough security checks.

Your car is one of your biggest assets and when it breaks down it can leave you feeling really vulnerable. We make sure that when you choose us you have that extra bit of security and trust. All of our team stays on only when they have been fully trained, certified, acquired ample amounts of experience, and have passed all security checks.

Gastonia, NC